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public actors to deal with big societal challenges


authorities and public actors in their changing roles


social impact of public actors through our ecosystem

As a society we are facing big challenges. Demographic evolutions, climate related problems, increasing immigrant populations, youth unemployment, poverty. Public actors are in the front row, obliged to invent and reinvent themselves and their offerings to keep coping.

At the same time there are a couple of societal trends that affect public actors: economic transitions towards sharing economy and circular economy, citizens organizing themselves to undertake actions outside traditional and existing associations, an increase in corporate social responsibility.

We help public actors cope with these challenges and surf on the positive waves of societal change. We want to help you increase and strengthen your social impact.


Are you looking for training and capacity building on social innovation?

We organize workshops & training on social and public innovation methodologies and best practices for public actors.
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Are you looking for socially innovative ways to involve or partner with others?

We help public actors to involve and engage stakeholders : citizens, companies, social investors, and so on. We design and roll out innovation networks.
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Are you trying to stimulate social innovation in a specific sector?

You want as public actor to encourage service providers in your domain to explore new ways of working? Invite them to co-create and inspire each other, stimulate them with state of the art knowledge and examples, reward the most effective and innovative ways of working. An innovation network specifically designed for your sector might be what you are looking for.
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Do you need help measuring your social impact?

We can help you as public actor designing ways to actually measure your social performance, to allow you to strengthen your impact and communicate efficiently with all your stakeholders.
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Other social innovation-related help needed?

To realise a social innovation, to get policy advice on social innovation or social entrepreneurship, or any other question you have, do noy hesitate to contact us for an open conversation!


Are you looking for innovative ways to finance projects?

Limited resources and growing demands create pressure on traditional funding mechanisms. We help public actors explore new ways of financing, such as social impact bonds, crowdfunding, rolling funds.
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We also provide advice and funding for social entrepreneurs. If you want to know more about our work for them, you can explore our dedicated website (click here).


  1. References of workshops & training on social and public innovation:
  • Workshops for ESF-Flanders on social innovation and social entrepreneurship


  1. References of exploring new ways of financing :
  • Nota for Flemish government on ‘Strategieontwikkeling voor Sociaal Ondernemerschap rond Hulpmiddelenverstrekking en Resultaatgerichte Financiering door de Overheid’
  • Studie for Flemish government (Work and Social Economy) with recommendations on the roles the Flemish government can take on to accommodate the financing needs of social entrepreneurs.


  1. References of involving and engaging stakeholders:
  • Organising a participatory process for the OVAM on shaping the contents of the new decree on domestic waste.
  • Organising a participatory concerence for ‘Thuis in de Stad’ on innovation in cities.
  • Developing three effective instruments to help local authorities to involve different stakeholders in eco-design, and to stimulate entrepreneurship in creation of new markets for eco-design. For IBGE.
  • Designing and setting up PLAN C, a multistakeholder transition network on sustainable materials management.


  1. References of stimulating social innovation in a specific sector
  • Duwobo: creating and implement an idea enrichment system, to stimulation innovation around sustainable living and building. Coaching to help people with innovative ideas in this field to realise their ideas.
  • Organising a training for green social entrepreneurs in Tunesia (for GIZ).
  • Creating of Innovation Point, to stimulate innovation in the social economy sector in Flanders.


  1. References of measuring social impact

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